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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Don Magee wrote: View Post
Cool, the next time a white belt asks me how to pass the guard. Rather then explain some drills that will help develop this skill. I will tell him to just practice hard with awareness or some other meta-physical mumbo jumbo. He will figure it out eventually.

However, I'll bite in your vagueness. What are you doing in your training while you are consistent and mindful? Personally, I like to paint myself blue with a magic marker, do keg stands, and do jumping jacks. While I do this I contemplate extending ki and being the center of the universe. I plan to enter the UFC this summer with this training method. I mean, I'm being mindful, that's good enough right?
The true goal of awareness is to get to the point where we never have to pass the guard. If you weren't so narrow minded you may understand this. The higher goal of Aikido is that we hopefully become aware of why we would be attacked in the first place. For example, why would someone mug us? With the answer to this question then we can become aware of how to fix the problem.

After we have developed an awareness of simple problems, then we move on to the bigger problems. Why would someone blow themselves up to kill people, or even fly a plane into a building!

Don Magee wrote: View Post
Furthermore, being mindful and aware is not some deep insight. It's obvious advice. My father taught it to me at a young age. He would say to me after doing something stupid "Hey, that was stupid hu? Pay more attention next time and that won't happen."
This does not make it any less important when your father first told you, did you stop doing stupid mindless things? Probably not!

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I don't need training methods to make me more aware. What I need training methods for is to develop proper technique and muscle memory while fostering fitness and developing strategy. The being mindful comes from just paying attention, and the awareness is a by product. The big advantage is I learn to punch, clinch, takedown, choke a person trying their best to do it back to me. If I just played chess, I would learn none of that.
I will see if I can find some statistics to see if being an expert chess player makes it less likely you get assaulted or mugged. I suspect that I won't find any, but I think the common sense and strategy they learn (plus the beating they get in school) would be enough to teach them, don't walk dangerous streets at night, lock your doors and windows at night, and be cautious on public transport. They may also understand that a sure fire way to deal with a mugger is capsicum spray, and if they are in the US, then a gun can be great for home invasions.

Like I said, it is a Japanese idea, not mine. I train in the same way as you for the same reason. But I like to try and implement the important principles left behind by great teachers like Mochizuki (and Kano) "mutual welfare and prosperity," and from O'Sensei, "true victory is self victory."

Good luck with the smurf UFC, I look forward to watching it.


Graham Wild
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