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Hi Kenny,
Thanks for your info. I have almost mastered how to put on the hakama by being taught by my teacher twice and then by my friend a few times. The knack is to make a protruded knot of the obi in front, on the navel, or a little below the navel, which works as a sort of supporter where upward and donword pulls conflict, and as a result it seems to be making a balance.
As for folding the hakama, when we get the first kyu, our sensei asks us to fold his hakama, by which we learn how to do it.

I mentioned Tohei Sensei in my previous message, and then I thought that Fujihara was his real name. I thought that he wanted his name called in that way because it rhymed with O-Sensei's first name Morihei.
So, I asked our head master about this at a party on the last Saturday in August, and he said that Tohei is the correct name.
Our head master, Kobayashi Sensei didn't talk much about him, though, looked reluctant to.
Anyway, 33 people came to the party. We had keiko from six to seven, then started the party in the dojo, setting several low-legged tables on the tatami, putting plates of sashimi and various kinds of food, and peanuts and crisps, etc.
Many bottles of sake and wine were put on one table and many cans of beer were in the refregirator and we toasted to the health of the head master and ourselves and to the proliferation of the Kobayashi Dojos.
We drank and ate and chatted for three hours until 11:30. I like a party here in the dojo, because people don't have to worry about the time we can spend there. People who use trains have to leave
to catch the last trains, but if they live nearby or come by bicycle like my, they can drink until morning. Actually some sleep in the dojo when they get very drunk.
I got very drunk by the end of the party and went home. Some of them went to a tavern for the second round of it even after that.
I cannot keep up with such heavy drinkers.
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