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Keith Larman
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Re: Training for who?

The answer I've given someone training with me was to ask him another question. Do you really need some sort of functional, long term necessity to appeal to in order to make it worthwhile?

No one asks me why I enjoy tennis. Or hiking. Or collecting sword fittings. Or playing hide and seek with my daughter. What's the point of all that?

For me the real question is "what is the alternative?" Sitting on one's flabby butt contemplating your own naval lint?

*Do* something. Anything. If you find you enjoy the process (as Lynn Seiser already pointed out) then that should be good enough.

I train in Aikido because I train in Aikido. I like it. I enjoy the process. Stay long enough and you realize that you don't really have any "long term goal" hanging way out there in the future. The beauty of the hike in the countryside isn't the end of the trip but the path along the way...

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