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Re: Good Hakama Gone Bad

Bronson Diffin wrote: View Post
Jess, I was at one of our style's summer camps and a high ranking instructor was sending people off the mat to fix the visible gi pant problem. Which is why I usually hem mine at about mid-shin ...they often end up looking like THIS.

(Haven't read the rest of the thread at this point)

That's Kano, who was the founder of Judo. That was before the International Judo Federation rewrote the rules about judogi. In the 1970s the rules were changed, because people were having their gi tailored so that nobody could actually grip - the sleeves and pant legs were cut to a minimum length, and were being made so tight to the arm and leg, respectively, that nobody could take a proper grip. The gi pants with which we're familiar are really underwear, and shouldn't show up under the hakama - but most gi that we wear are from judo, with rules dictating "grippable" length and looseness.
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