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Re: Training for who?

Graham Wild wrote: View Post
Ah no, the principle of Budo is you train for war to have peace.

If you have a country of Oompa Lumpa, and next door is a country of Klingon's, guess what's going to happen if the Oompa's just make candy? That's right, eventually the Klingon's have a lovely meal, and some candy to boot after wards.
Not if the Oompa Lumpans have been selling the Klingons candy for many years, thereby building a tidy stash of cash, which they use to buy big scary weapons from the neighbouring country of Jedi, then tell the Klingons, that if they step one foot over their border, then they will blow their ugly butts to kingdom come ( another country much further away) as well as cutting off their supply of candy!

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