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Al Gutierrez
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Re: Solo Training Exercises

Thanks Rob, I look forward to whatever you can post. I'm not looking to learn "how to" from video, only to compare various methods. Believe me I know you can't really learn the internal stuff only by looking at external forms. I've had hands on training with various people, and while I'd never claim to have mastered much, they managed to teach myself a little, and some others even more, and that says something about their methods (to me anyway). Once you have some internal ability I think you can see some things by observation that others don't see. Kuroda sensei talks about "invisible movements" for instance. One of my own instructors talked about this aspect of kobujutsu a lot.

I think Takada-ha Hozoin-ryu is still being practiced, and from what I saw on tape - somewhat vigorously too.


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