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Re: What makes Aikido aikido (to you)?

Salim Shaw wrote: View Post
How do we know Aikido when we see it? There seems to be a mentality among the Aikikai organization that stereotypies the Aikidoist methodology as one. This fundamentalist mindset, a sort of martial arts dogma, restrains progressiveness. It's time to change this mindset towards progressiveness, a continuation of evolving Aikido.
Honestly, Salim, my experience does not match yours. I don't think this is an "Aikikai" attitude, per se, although I'll agree that I've seen it there. I have also seen a 'fundamentalist' mindset concerning aikido outside of the Aikikai just as much as I've seen it inside the Aikikai. If there is more inside the Aikikai, I would imagine that it's because the Aikikai is pretty much the largest organization worldwide, with the most different styles. That actually suggests to me that, in general, and with perhaps notable exceptions, they are trying to be progressive and inclusive rather than vice versa.

I've read your thread on Aikibudo/Yoseikan Techniques and found it amusing and ironic that most of the people who tried to offer their different perspective and understanding of history that you disagreed with were not Aikikai members themselves. Did you catch that?

IAC, I've seen good and bad aikido in every [aikido] organization that I've encountered. It's to be expected at varying levels.


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