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Unhappy Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Ahmed Altalib wrote: View Post
I have lately been coming across much boasting by the Brazilian Jujitsu practioners about their grappling techniques and claims that no martial art would stand a chance once you are on the ground how ever there must be more than one Aikido technique which if applied in that second the Brazilian Jujitsu fighter reaches with his hand to grab would neutralize the whole attack so what is it in your opinion?
Good read this topic. I would think if you're trying to neautrilize a fairly new BJJ grappler (2-3 years) and are fairly new (2-3 years) in aikido, you wouldnt have a hope. I don't question a 10 yr (for example) black belt aikidoka would be able to fend them off and possibly do something, but the level Ahmed (i assume) is at, its very very frustrating and in a way, pointless trying to think of what do.

I love Aikido and only know Aikido, i am thinking of cross training BJJ. As someone pointed out Aikido isn't live enough to compete with BJJ if you're talking equal settings for both art, (same amount of training, same level of student etc) the BJJ would alway sbe superior, this is how i see it. I know people disagree but this is my opinion even with me being someone probably bias toward Aikido. I am truthful about it.

No one will ever be the ultimate self defence machine, who would want to be, what kind of paranoid existance would that be, but having the two essentials (as i see it) standing, and on the ground covered makes sense if you are studying Aikido PURELY for defence. Which i am, and didnt know at the time i would need to study more for PURE self defence. Someone attacking me.

I was told Aikido would be all i need for basic self defence, but its apparent now some groundwork would be needed, it seems obvious to me. Im not speaking about the exception dojos where groundwork grappling is taught, fine, i would have gone to them had i have known over a year ago when i started Aikido, but i was under the impression Aikido was all i would need. My own fault, didnt research enough and just went to my dojo. Reverse time i would have loved to have been a year and a few month as a BJJ and Aikido.

If i find a BJJ near me i can go to without conflicting my Aikido training (when i have the cash) i seriously think i would do it. For what i need (basic self defence without trying to be an expert in both arts) it seems essential. But you would HAVE to have Aikido as well in my humble opinion.

Aikido just takes so long to learn to be able to use it effectively, you would have to study something else as well. This is what i would have suggested to someone like me looking for Aikido as pure self defence. This is why i see a lot of people appear at our dojo and not come back after 7 or so months. They enjoy Aikido but see the long stretch and talk of 20 year techniques etc...


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