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Re: Why is there so much confusion about Aikido.

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
I took your initial comments to mean that the reason that Saito Sensei's aikido looks so much like Noma dojo photos was that he "taught from a book," meaning that over the years he referenced these photos to confirm that he wasn't making significant changes to what he was teaching. I do not think that is correct. I think that scenario is a lot different than finding a book/series of photos after decades of teaching and noting the striking similarity to what he had been doing all along (my point). The fact that he re-released the book with his own comments, or pulls it out at seminars does not take away the distinction.
I just re read my initial post on the topic, it is not specific, but it never has to be for an interpretation. I meant to include the fact that since he started training in the 40's (?) so Saito Sensei never saw these photos or the book, hence the fact that his Aikido looks like them means Aikido really did not change from the 30's through to the 60's when O'Sensei passed. This is supported by his reference to the book in seminars.

I believe most of the changes were made formally after '72 when Aikido was systemised. Not by Saito, or Shioda, or Tomiki, or Mochizuki Kancho, but by those in charge of the Aikikai.


Graham Wild
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