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Re: AIkibudo/Yoseikan Techniques

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Its good that you did the entry on Yoseikan Aikido. I did the one on Unno Sensei but I don't have any decent pictures of him. I only have recent pics of him and his home dojo where I think you and I first met. I didn't take any pictures when I visited the hombu in 1996. Does Hans have any good pics of Yosh in a gi when he was teaching at the Jan de Jong dojo? If so and he agrees are you able to upload one onto Wikipedia.
I will ask Sensei when he returns from his European tour in a few weeks. If he does, I will definitely upload one.

I have tried to start taking more photos, as I regret not having some (as I am sure you do having gone to the Yoseikan and not taken a 1000 ). I trained with Shihan Jan de Jong many times in Aikido, my first lesson was with him and Hans, I did my 6th and 4th kyu gradings with him, and I am sad to say, I have no photos of him, or me with him

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I believe Branko and Unno Sensei's family took all the videos, books and pictures from his house after he died. Its unfortunate I didn't get a chance to make copies as there were some really cool footage of Mochizuki, Yosh and Sano from the 70s and 80s.
I remember when I went to see Unno Sensei he showed me lots of books. It is a shame that they may not be used productively.

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You may have better luck with Roy Hebden, Brett Nener or Ross Taylor.
These are options, although it would be easier for you to check with Roy. I have wanted to go back and train with Ross, but for the 5 months I was with him, I did not one "Yoseikan" techniques (judo karate sutemi), he said he had been reading lots of Aikikai books, so it just wasn't my thing. I have never met Brett, even though I was at the UWA club for a couple of months.

Graham Wild
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