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Re: AIkibudo/Yoseikan Techniques

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I was just about to post and say "What The" Yoseikan Aikido Section on Aikiweb... But on wiki, yes. You have contributed as well. I just got addicted to Wiki for a while and went crazy.

If you have some images you don't mind releasing into the public domain, the Yoseikan page is lacking an image of the actual dojo. I did ask Branco, as I know he has an image of the outside, but he never got back to me. In general, more images of Mochizuki Kancho wouldn't hurt.

Its good that you did the entry on Yoseikan Aikido. I did the one on Unno Sensei but I don't have any decent pictures of him. I only have recent pics of him and his home dojo where I think you and I first met. I didn't take any pictures when I visited the hombu in 1996. Does Hans have any good pics of Yosh in a gi when he was teaching at the Jan de Jong dojo? If so and he agrees are you able to upload one onto Wikipedia.

I believe Branko and Unno Sensei's family took all the videos, books and pictures from his house after he died. Its unfortunate I didn't get a chance to make copies as there were some really cool footage of Mochizuki, Yosh and Sano from the 70s and 80s.

You may have better luck with Roy Hebden, Brett Nener or Ross Taylor.
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