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Re: AIkibudo/Yoseikan Techniques

Hi David,

Back in June 1996 my brother and I spent one day at the Yoseikan Hombu in Shizuoka. We had one private class with Mochizuki Kancho and later on joined in with the evening class with Washizu sensei and Tezuka sensei. Kancho and his wife watched that class too.

Yes I did get to train with Washizu sensei. and I think Tezuka sensei. I thought they were both good especially with sutemi. .I found everyone to be very polite and friendly. Mochizuki Kancho was very approachable and I felt so privileged to have him teach us personally. He came onto the mats a few times to show explain a few kimewaza. He asked me if I could stay and train for a year, then tried to bargain it down to a month then a week. We were there only for one day and I promised to come back. I did return to Japan a few times but unfortunately never made it back to the Yoseikan Hombu.

I saw Yoshi's video of his trip to Japan in 1990 with his son Scott many years ago. He was a lot happier back then...

Thanks for sharing your memories of Yoshi wiht me.

Best Regards,

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