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Re: Why is there so much confusion about Aikido.

Peter Rehse wrote: View Post
I think the name changes are only of historical interest and don't designate any fundamental shifts in Ueshiba's approach to his art.

I personally prefer the aikido of his earlier students but that's just me however, even my teacher was sent by Tomiki to live with one of Ueshiba's later students for six years to learn excellent technique. I think the aikibudo/aikido distinction being made is a false construct.
I completely agree with this.

Peter Rehse wrote: View Post
That there was a gradual change there is no doubt, a change which reflected Ueshiba M. himself not just the influence of his son who I think often gets a bum rap.
I look at the techniques of Saito Sensei, and compare them to Kisshomaru and Tohei, and I see a lot of difference. The fact is that Saito Sensei tought from O’Sensei 1936 book Budo, hence there was less change then some think. Personal this evidence is quite clear.


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