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Re: What makes Aikido aikido (to you)?

Giancarlo DiPierro wrote: View Post
Seems to me like if Ueshiba's vision of aikido was that of a fine sterling spoon, most of what is called aikido today is closer to a cheap plastic spork. Yes, you can eat a wide variety of things with it, but it isn't really well suited to any of them.
Sterling? Just sterling? My good lady wife, silver afficionado, begs to differ. Do you mean a place spoon? Dessert spoon? Baby spoon? Berry spoon (small and large)? Bon-bon spoon? Ice cream spoon? Jam spoon? Salt spoon (master and individual) ? Ice spoon? Egg spoon? Cracker spoon? Nut spoon? Cream soup spoon? Bouillon spoon? Sugar spoon? Tea spoon? Coffee spoon? Demitasse spoon? Gumbo spoon? Citrus spoon? Olive spoon (short and long) ? Chocolate muddler (individual and master)? Stuffing spoon? Vegetable spoon? Pea spoon? Salad spoon? Claret spoon? Mote spoon? Tea caddy spoon?

Just a spoon?

Best to stop. You'll get her started on forks, if you are not careful. She's dangerous with forks.


Erick Mead
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