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I guess that this comes from the recent thread on pressure points. I don't post here often but on this point i feel that i must.

To those of you who have voted "i never use them", have you never done Yonkyo?

I am glad to see that no-one has voted i rely on them a lot (so far). Pressure points are found in most Aikido techniques and if ever you are Nage to someone who gets them right then you'll know about it. But they are not the reason that the technique works, just an added bonus should you get them. Off hand to name just the basic techniques, Ikkyo, Nikkyo, Yonkyo, Kote-Gaeshi, ShiHoNage, IrimiNage, KaitenNage, TenChiNage all have pressure point applications that i know of. I'm sure there's one for Sankyo too but who needs it? If you get the technique right then it'll work. If not then a pressure point may help, but more practice would be better.
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