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Re: Why is there so much confusion about Aikido.

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Every thread I read that you post in comes out the same - Yoseikan is the real deal etc etc etc.... From what I have seen, modern Yoseikan Budo has Nothing to do with Aikido. It's cool, I really like it in fact, but I've been teaching Aikido for almost 25 years, have studied several other arts incl. BJJ, and it is not Aikido anymore, from the clips that I have seen of the demos and competitions. This is not a bad thing, but Aikido is indeed something else.
Sorry Salim, I have to agree with Larry here. From my conversations with Roy Hebden the technical head of Yoseikan World Federation in Australia, they have basically removed any move that is considered too difficult or dangerous to apply and also meet the rules for their sport. Its why there is almost no traditional aikido in their system. They are upfront whyt they don't do aikido anymore. I was told by Mitchi Mochizuki that there is no more Aikido, karate, iaido in yoseikan budo. There is only Yoseikan Budo. One martial art.

I believe that Minoru Mochizuki's goal was to create a better martial art not a better aikido.
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