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Re: Why is there so much confusion about Aikido.

Salim Shaw wrote: View Post
Let's face it, Aikikai methodology is for love and peace, not for fighting. Aikibudo methodology is for fighting when you have to, that's the difference.
When i fight, it is for love and peace. I don't see how they are mutually exclusive concepts. Fighting when you have to (and we might disagree on what "fighting" entails, for all i know), implies to me the notion of doing it only for the sake of things like love and peace.
I've known fighters, and they either fight for the sake of ending the fight (peace) or they're making money off it or they're base-minded (eg-fighting because they're insecure and feel the need to prove something to someone...the latter of which represents most of my friends growing up).
Could you elaborate on what you mean by "fighting when you have to"?
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