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Re: Why is there so much confusion about Aikido.

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I'm confused...
You said Yoseikan is an example which more closely resembles the combat-oriented roots of Aikido, implying it represents a more realistic approach to self-defense than Aikikai. I took the phrase "real deal" to meant "effective in self-defense" in which case the author was accurately describing your intent...unless of course I'm misunderstanding your (or his) meaning as well.
...are we on the same page? Or are we losing the conveyed meaning to differences in semantics?
Yes an example, but not the only example. It's not the all be all of Aikido. In my dojo we practice Aikibudo which is very similar to what sensei Alain Floquet teaches in France. We use the principles of Daito Ryu Jujutsu, Judo and atemi waza. The karate principles are not really taught as much, unlike Yoseikan.
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