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Re: Why is there so much confusion about Aikido.

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Every thread I read that you post in comes out the same - Yoseikan is the real deal etc etc etc.... From what I have seen, modern Yoseikan Budo has Nothing to do with Aikido. It's cool, I really like it in fact, but I've been teaching Aikido for almost 25 years, have studied several other arts incl. BJJ, and it is not Aikido anymore, from the clips that I have seen of the demos and competitions. This is not a bad thing, but Aikido is indeed something else.
You totally misconstrued my meaning. I never said that Yoseikan is the real deal. I mention the original Aikibudo (Aikido) and it's combat roots. The point here is about the methodology of combat, self defense tactics. I only used Yoseikan Aikido as an example. Please don't mix Aikikai methodology with the principles of Aikibudo, because it's not the same.
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