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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Incidentally, Justin actually presents himself as a very good example of what is beginning to happen in various martial arts as more and more people suddenly get "in the know". Take a look at Justin's publicly displayed critique and analysis at:

Justin is kind enough to put his current knowledge on record (with a bit of an attitude to assist) and for the people in the know, he paints himself as a good example of what is beginning to happen on a larger scale throughout the ranks of asian-derived martial arts. Think of all the books, articles, blogs, speeches, in just one art like Aikido (or your pick of any art, for that matter). Multiply it by the numbers of different asian-derived martial arts AND all the factions thereof. You can see what's on the verge of happening and why it's so fascinating to watch.

My thanks to Justin for providing a sterling example.


Mike Sigman
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