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Re: Baseline skillset

Budo guys have been "getting out" there for decades and meeting these "great teachers" who do not show even their own inner guys. Some moving to China, to Japan, coming home with rank and no real power. There is absolutely nothing new in that. And on any other day many have stated -right here-just that scenario happening to them in their own arts, and that, all to often. In fact, so many senior men have said just that very thing on these many threads as to make any debate of it all but moot.

If people are truly serious: try meeting teachers who have something and that have students who can replicate what they themselves are doing. At least to some substantial degree-keeping in mind years-in and closeness. If they don't, consider just what that say's.

You can ignore the nobodies contributing so much noise about these skills here, and give the straight, all too familiar road of "Budo professionals" who are out there teaching a try, and see where it goes. Or, you can get busy thinking, testing, experimenting and finding people who may be willing to share what they do. Then, test them as well.
Either way; think, test, and consider real progress You've only got just so much time.

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