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Originally posted by ca
The article also stated that western medicine now has scientific support of acupuncture. Go to, search for 'acupuncture' and open any of the articles or abstracts that list a Cochrane analysis. This is a well respected group that uses pure statistics to evaluate large groups of studies. You will find that when cold, hard math is applied to the claims of acupuncture, it does not hold up. It did worse than conventional treatment, and the same or worse than 'sham' acupuncture for addiction treatment, some pain management, asthma, etc. It may very well be the belief of the patient in acupunture that makes it work.
Colleen, a couple of thoughts here. One thing I've heard is that acupuncture can actually be more dangerous because the needles are not always carefully sterilized. That cleanliness thing again.

I'm also not sure I would have used the word belief but rather to be more explicit, it's not understanding what working actually means. That little step of understanding statistics, even in my minor way, went a long, long way for me.

Finally, don't some acupuncture manuals have the internal organs all mucked up? So, they can figure out invisible chi energy but couldn't get the tangible parts of the body right?
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