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Re: losing control...

Dalen Johnson wrote: View Post
- "how do you control...when someone is dishonoring you?"
Well, you are not dishonored. It is a 'story' nothing less and nothing more. And what they say has nothing to do about who you are.
That is unless you 'identify' with objects (which include thoughts, thought that may seem abstract.)

Who you truly are is as it is and cannot be dishonored, when you know who you are, you will see through the ego in someone else.
Until then its ego looking at another ego.

Any sense of negativity is the 'ego' (or thought pretending to be you) having its way.

Again, as I always do I recommend the philosphers eckhart Tolles audio book 'new earth' - the teaching blend well in with that of what one can potentially take away when applying spirituality to their aikido.

- "probably should have reacted..."
No 'shoulds' - as simple as this sounds, its truth solid, and that is all you have is the 'present moment'/now. Past and Furture are 'thought forms' and only happen in this present time.

So as you release the past and the future (doesnt mean you cant plan, etc. but stop letting it 'rule your life') then you will be free to make a 'conscious' choice of the story you wish to follow...if any all.

The best to you in this...


I just wanted to express how beautifully poetic that was to me...very nice; thank you.
Take care,

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