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Re: Loving Protection

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At a pool hall, a guy came up to me and asked "What time is it?" He simultaneously put his hands on my watch and read the time. He was probably drunk and didn't realize it, but I felt attacked. I let him read the time then go about his way. It was a light-grab katatedori, and looking back, I wonder if I should have thrown him. If for nothing else, to "teach him a lesson." This was a matter of all my Aikido physical training versus all my spiritual training. Looking back now, I feel I followed O'Sensei's doka: "One who--in any situation--perceives the truth with resignation--would never need to draw his sword in haste. If he would've tried to pull my watch off, my sword would have been out of its sheath. I love myself as much as an attacker, and if it came down to breaking his joints, it would hurt me deeply but I'd do what's necessary.

Very nice, thanks


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