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capital punishment

Originally posted by ca
Oh, and Sean, I certainly agree with the big picture on capital punishment..<snippage> Yet I think most states have gone to lethal injection (at I'd bet more $$) over the PR problems associated with gas and electricity.
Really I wasn't talking about capital punishment per-se so much as bickering about whether or not Dim-Mak (if indeed it really exists) would surface as a form of capital punishment. Its a moot point, I was only arguing it for fun!

I think I let my personal feelings about capital punishment colour my post somewhat, I really intended it to be more light-hearted than it probably came across.

As far as the costs of execution in the US goes, from what I've read about it the whole process of keeping someone on death-row for decades while countless legal proceedings grind on is so mind-bogglingly expensive that the cost of the execution itself is pretty much negligible anyway. (Its like trying to save money by serving cheaper nuts on the space-shuttle, if you see what I mean! )

You may not have the death penalty over there (or do you?) so you probably don't hear so much about it as we do in the states
In practice we don't have the death penalty in the UK. (Theoretically, I think we do, for the crimes of high-treason and arson in a military shipyard. There's zero chance of it being applied though, British law is full of obscure old stuff thats still on the books just because noone has ever repealed it. )

The British media probably carry more stories about capital punishment in the US than you might expect though, most recently over the case of Tracy Housel, who had dual UK-USA nationality and was executed in Georgia just a few weeks ago.

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