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Re: Baseline skillset

Have to concur with Ron (again - sheesh, people will start talking). . . it's been said more than once that these force-manipulations are mind-directed. Another person has said more than once that when training this stuff, the mind gives out before the body.

Erick, I'm glad you have confidence in knowing what you know. I am usually lucky enough to know what I think I know right now, on any given day, which may conflict with the previous day - I mean I try to develop and maintain a corporate body of knowledge that grows, expands and remains integrated with appropriate joins and indexes (dammit, my DBA nature is showing), but I also try to keep it linked to the transactional processor in my noggin - where things are always in flux and getting updated with new input.

Ultimately things get run through filters, but I try to keep them a little further behind the scenes so that I don't prevent, block or firewall off my exposure to important data.

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