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Bruce Baker
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Sadistic sensei's

About two years ago, one of my teachers students from years before, was back in town from out west where he was getting ready to take is test for first dan. Well muscled at about six foot three, he seemed very stiff with many of the flowing and easy leads I was trying to do without muscle for a change. I outweighed his two hundred twenty pounds by about forty five pounds but I am just under six feet in stocking feet.

We did a few falls, and it seemed like he was getting stiffer as we went on. I forget if we were doing Kokyo nage, or Irimi nage, but I started to stay something about his stiffness, and settled into a mild relaxing root into the floor to let him feel the stiffness.

Next thing I know, he puts his hip in tight and WHAM!

My teacher looks up and says to Steve,"... that was pretty good, what was that ..."

I looked up from the floor and said as I gulped back the spit from the throw ... Judo.

Thanks Steve, That was a pleasant memory ... but it was a judo throw, and you know it....
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