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Re: History of Shomenuchi

Soon-Kian Phang wrote:
Hmmm... that's a good point, but dojos in Singapore have official classes for swordwork and they also start from gyaku hanmi for shomenuchi...
Then again, maybe the weapons classes were only regularized some time after the dojos became established... i.e. they were not a feature from the very beginning.

What I also know is that Tamura Sensei had a big influence on the beginnings of Aikido in Singapore. The UK dojo I mentioned in the first post had strong Ki Society influence. If I remember correctly, the AAA was founded by the late Toyoda Sensei, who followed the Ki Society for some time. Finally, the USAF-WR dojo that I also mentioned was started by a student of the late Nakazono Sensei... so, is there a pattern?

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