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Bruce Baker
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Useless techniques con't...

You know, I was thinking about the grapplers and wrestlers who somehow get inside and go to ground, or go into the "guard" position.

(Maybe because I was grappling with an old trim and tilt on an old outboard motor today?)

Theoretically, this should not happen if you are Aikido aware, but I have seen it happen more than six out of ten encounters, and sometimes even more with really savvy grapplers?

Should we do some useless grappling releases to take control, or add it to our training as how to cope when a grappler takes control?

I thought it strange at one seminar when an instructor went into the fetal position to protect himself from attackers? Trying to spin on his side with kicks and protecting his face, he recommended making an opening and backing away to stand up, not knee walking or kneeling we use in Aikido? Claiming he could not kick, or protect himself from a kneeling position, he opted for fetal protection to survive the attack?

Is this an area of useless techniques, or an avenue that needs to be more deeply explored and mapped?
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