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Oh, and Sean, I certainly agree with the big picture on capital punishment, but I think while it is unskilled to throw a switch (to electricity, to drop a pellet into acid, or to release high-dose potassium into the blood), there is one skilled act involved in only one of them-- starting that IV for the potassium in the first place (here Colleen smiles gratefully for all the nurses who've started IVs at midnight so she didn't have to roll out of bed to do so). Yet I think most states have gone to lethal injection (at I'd bet more $$) over the PR problems associated with gas and electricity.

You may not have the death penalty over there (or do you?) so you probably don't hear so much about it as we do in the states (I know it was an issue while I was in the NL, local authorities would refuse to turn jurisdiction over to the military for fear of capital punishment-- ah, that social conscience thing).
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