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Again, please stop taking everything so personally. It is not good for you, and I certainly hope you don't act that way on the mat or 'in the street'. If I were interested in picking on you, it would be happening in a different manner, and there would be no doubt in your mind.

Now, an interesting educational point. Usually in western medicine, we avoid the confusion in location on the body by refering to things as proximal (closer to the center of the body) or distal (further away), so the location of LU-8 as proximal to the wrist by 2 cm (on the ventral-lateral or ventral-radial side to be more specific).

I have only read six books on acupressure or acupuncture, and maybe a half dozen articles. I am more interested in and have a more extensive library in herbal medicine. The acupuncture/pressure books I've read however refer to 'above' and 'below' in reference to a standing man. This may not be how it is done in Japanese or Chinese, but a translation issue. But it was uniform throughout everything I've read. However, to be sure we weren't talking from two different reference points, I bothered to climb three flights of stairs to my library and pull down Tedeschi's book, since that is one I know we have in common (and is also luckily one that is at home rather than my office). It uses the 'above' and 'below' convention the others did. Which books do you have that do otherwise?

I asked if you were using a different location as --- not surprisingly --- location of acupuncture points is not uniform from practitioner to practitioner. One study of acupuncture in the treatment of asthma had problems when it showed that 'sham' acupuncture worked better than ture acupuncture, the acupuncturists complained that the 'sham' acupuncturists, just chosing random places to put needles, were hitting 'alternate' true sites that just weren't listed beofre in the study.

As for smacking our heads over the death touch (perhaps not exactly what most of us are thinking about smacking, but whatever), then are you saying you don't think that part of it is real?
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