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Re: Ukemi for hiji shime/rokkyo

Ignatius Teo wrote: View Post
Anne Marie, I finally found a decent video....

As you can see, when correctly applied with timing, you won't have time to do a rollout, you'd just drop.
Thanks, that's a lot better. That's more what I was trying to describe. We're talking about the same thing but different terminology. I was visualizing where one flips over. I just couldn't see someone turning/rolling over in a throw like that.

But we typically don't train hijishime with that amount of intensity. Even the guys who train more intensely than most tend to go more gently on each other with this technique.

Re: the front hand down..Your right. I just didn't describe myself well. Yes, you wouldn't put your hand down, I use my forearm. Growning up I've sprain my wrist one to many times falling down and extending my hand.

Anne Marie Giri
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