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Bruce Baker
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I warned you ... you need a teacher

I warned you you would need a teacher, already I see confusion?

That is why I asked you all to find your own text, and seek a proper instruction ...

I open the box, now take the time to find the answers.

The two wrist points ... WRIST

Hold your hand up in front of you widdle face, and one half inch below the wrist. Does that clarify or are you creatively just picking whatever point that you find and become contrary like the fairy tale? Oh, well?

My purpose is not to explore the death touch, stop it, smack your head ... tell it to go away.

We are looking for humane ways to stop people from hurting us or others. To make the world and ourselves better?

Anyway, I am glad to see some interesting dialog for a change. Maybe we can raise the bar for Aikido as an intellectual as well as physical art?
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