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Hi Sean,

I agree that (unfortunately) some (many) who support capital punishment LIKE to see suffering in an execution. But there is usually enough opposition pressure to make a more humane version adopted (hence lethal injection). Also, folks like the cheap alternative, and what is more cheap than Dim Mak?


I finally got that to open...sounds like the 'precordial thump' some may recall, in and out of favor in CPR over the years... relies on resetting or restarting the electrical impulses in the heart by a VERY precisely timed and placed blow. Only problem, as was mentioned a lot in the article, it requires timing that really only happens by chance. Think about all the times you have been thumped in the chest, or seen someone else. How many times did you or the other guy die? there were only a relative handful of cases to review, as in the big scheme of the world it happens very rarely. Massage of certain barorecptors might (MIGHT, recall my previous words on the use of this in ERs) slow the heart rate, but still won't guarantee the CORRECT timing of the blow. IF some folks died as a result of ventricular fib following a blow to the heart, I guess it would help build up a belief in this 'power' in the guillible. Like those who thought astronomers 'made' the sun disappear in an ecclipse. So if a person tried to deal a death blow millions upon millions of times, by pure chance they might get a result. They'd do better entering a lottery.

The article also stated that western medicine now has scientific support of acupuncture. Go to, search for 'acupuncture' and open any of the articles or abstracts that list a Cochrane analysis. This is a well respected group that uses pure statistics to evaluate large groups of studies. You will find that when cold, hard math is applied to the claims of acupuncture, it does not hold up. It did worse than conventional treatment, and the same or worse than 'sham' acupuncture for addiction treatment, some pain management, asthma, etc. It may very well be the belief of the patient in acupunture that makes it work.
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