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Re: FS: 2.45 Shinto Higo Iaito

I must clarify that this is an iaito not a cutting blade for tameshigiri.
It is an iaito with the highest quality fittings.
The wrap is a professionally done in Japan by master craftsmen.
The silk ito and sageo is of highest quality as well.
Even the saya is made of honoki and the lacquer is special.
But these are mainly aesthetic issues.

There are other subtle things like the waisting of the tsuka
and the balance of the blade and the fit of the saya that distinguish this from a cheap iaito.

The blades from oni-forge are great but the fittings leave much to be desired although much nicer than other competitor in the same price range. They are definitely worth checking out.

But if you are doing iaito, you'll really want one that is made for iaito and not an entry level blade more for tameshigiri.

You can always fit a live blade onto these exceptional fittings if you know what you are doing of course.
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