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Re: Death Touch

Originally posted by ca

Does anyone in any Eastern country know if they have the death penalty? If they did, I would think a sudden death technique would be employed rather than the barbaric methods of electricity/firing range/gas... even injection involves needles... touch would be much better. I guess since it is not used in any country, that must mean all Oriental countries forbid the death penalty.
Hi Colleen,

I agree with your conclusion, but on this one I have to say I dont buy into your reasoning.

Whatever their (sick and twisted imho, but thats besides the point) rationale, a quick, clean, sudden death is not what the proponents of execution are looking for at all. Many people seem to like their executions to take an unecessarily cruel, humiliating and macabre form. They dont just want death for the condemned, they also want suffering, horror and humiliation. And an edifyingly macabre spectacle for the witnesses/audience seems to be a desirable by-product.

Dont take my word for it though, look at Texas.

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