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Re: Ukemi for hiji shime/rokkyo

Anne Marie Giri wrote: View Post
Breakfall from hijishime? I just can't visualize that. Have a video clip?
Not exactly from this particular technique, but here's what I mean by front breakfall.

Not the best, but have a look at 1:13 to 1:40. In particular, the 2nd guy and the guy in the green t-shirt. You break the fall with your forearm and spread your legs apart, without touching your body to the floor. See for an animated version.

Well, the way I've been taught is that if uke is taking you straight down you go down on your stomach. But you are more like putting your weight on your free hand and then kicking your feet out. With a tenkan you turn with it, and it feels more like ukemi for ikkyo ura.
Not if the lock is applied quickly... going down on your free hand is a good way to break your wrist.

When I played with the jujitsu guys, there was no time to think about doing such and such ukemi, and in most cases, you wouldn't even feel a correctly applied technique coming on until you've hit the floor.

To illustrate, imagine going from to (swap sides) in a split second.

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