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Re: Ukemi for hiji shime/rokkyo

Breakfall from hijishime? I just can't visualize that. Have a video clip?

Well, the way I've been taught is that if uke is taking you straight down you go down on your stomach. But you are more like putting your weight on your free hand and then kicking your feet out. With a tenkan you turn with it, and it feels more like ukemi for ikkyo ura.

But essentially you want to get in close to nage fast and go down fast and tap slightly early. If you have fear of your elbow getting hyperextended again, do what Don says. But, I would tell your nage why you do that so they don't interpret a slighty bent elbow as "resistance."

It also helps me to look at nage's the center the whole way down. Doing so gives me a visual and focal point to maintain my connection and protect myself - especially when nage puts it on fast.

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