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I'm not saying belts HAVE to be washed, just one's hands after tying it. I really don't want to interfere with anyone's beliefs on Ki, or tradition. Just want to cut down on germs.

Most folks don't sweat onto their belt much (some of us do), so until it starts to really smell you are probably OK... if it smells, it is time for a new belt, or some Tide misogi on warm/cold and regular spin for the belt...

But handwashing would be nice. I don't have to touch other's belts much, so don't mind that they look terrible, but object when the hands that tie it them move to my hands/neck/jaw etc. I mean, how long would you go without washing sheets or towels, etc... on second thought, do not answer that, any of you Those belts roll around on the mat, which in some places is not quite as clean as it sould be. Those hands that touched all those other hands (some cleaner than others) in class now reach down to untie that belt... along with Ki, there are probably a few million colony counts of bacteria building up on those belts...
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