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Re: Ukemi for hiji shime/rokkyo

I would agree with don j.
Save on the bent arm, I think it will make nague add a tas a nikkio in the mix. And frankly it is unpleasant enough without extra added seasoning

As nage as well I leave a bit of time between the control and the application. So that uke has time to drop properly.

It is may be a difference in the way we call things in different place and what one understands
But what I call rokkio is pressing down the elbow and pushing up the locked wrist.
What I call hije shime, uke has is elbow bent so it has a kind of nijkio feel to it (all of our nikkio have the hand trapped against our body save 1st form ie ai henmi).

May be that is what you sempai is doing.

The way I would describe it is that as the more uke is bending and try rotate backward the more nikio ura it will be flavored.
Like that as nague, you can keep the technique in advance of Uke and on front of you.


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