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They have cartoons in Estonia? That was really stupid enough to be funny.

That's the thought I got when that first drifted into my mind... and as I am a regular 19-year-old, my mouth is often bigger than my actual self, so I just couldn't help sharing this thought with you all...

Now try imagining the SP gang in gi-s.
Kenny would be better suited for Kendo huh?

Nice thread though...
Although I personally do believe in life force of some sort (I mean 200 years ago it wasn't sciencifically proven that magnetic fields were there!?!) I'd just like to point out that IF none of this were true you would be still able to benefit from meditating with a tree/lake/cat/beercan etc when you would believe in it. Because autosuggestion is quite much proven and powerful.

I have actually never REALLY tried meditating with a tree (maybe I should) BUT I would like to expand this thread to another perspective - is it possible to meditate with animals? Is holding a ladybird on your finger enough? Or a purring cat in the lap (my personal favourite) Or is this something different? Or is it all the same?

Estonian Aikikai

P.S. We even have McDonalds y'know!
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