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Re: Loving Protection

I guess in some respects you are protecting them but in the true sense of the word "Defense" you are possibly going to injury your attacker without even trying.

In my experience if the Uke is experienced in your particular defense tactics he will come out with little or no injury.

If the Uke is inexperienced in falls or unwilling to tap out or submit then he could end up injured more than you anticipated.

Think of the falls we take in the beginning of our training. They are no where near smooth nor are the something that "Just happens". There is a lot of thought that goes into how you are going to roll thru this or stop and not get injured.

I don't have any Aikido experience in defense this is coming from past experiences in the other things I have done.

I personally would always defend myself, family, and friends if I had the capability. I would rather see the Uke get injured rather than the people I love.

Just my 2 cents.


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