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Re: kyusho or aikido

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
Points we already use for Ikkyo Thru Yonkyo

Heart #6/ Pinky side of hand/ One half inch from crease of wrist inner arm

How it works/ pressed into bone ocross oblique angle(looking at palm of hand) Press inward/down to bone. It bends the wrist
This works by appling stretch to the tendons of the wrist flexors, with a reflexive contraction flexing the wrist... you covercome it by RELAXING rather than tensing the arm muscles, which is often the natural reaction of uke. Funny, it seems we are always being told to relax.

Originally posted by Bruce Baker

Lung #8/ Thumb side of hand/ palm/inner side/one half inch below wrist. How it works/ Squeeze or rub towards hand.
It will make a fist open up.
The LU-8 I know is above the wrist one unit, not on the palm, so I'll try to explain that first: pressure on nerve stimulates contraction in finger extensors (and maybe the interosseous muscles...this detail of hand anatomy is out of the day to day for me, perhaps a hand ortho guy would like to help?)...overcome by relaxing the grip but keeping hand closed (I guess you'd say loosen grip) maybe think of extending hand (that seems to move the muscles the way I want as I sit here)

How you describe it, on the palm (the thenar eminence actually) it seems to be overcoming with overstretching the contraction of the thumb flexor but that would just loosen the thumb (an important thing, I admit, in those of us with opposable thumbs)

Large Intestine #10/ Between the muscles forearm/slightly below crease in elbow How it works/ hit downward towards the bone to cramp the arm.
My favorite for arms like trees/first arm straightener I learned in Wally Jay jujitsu.

Triple Warmer #11/ on the back of the arm just below the elbow measuring from palm or above the elbow if you do it to yourself.
LI-10 probably either/or/combo of rapid stretch of the biceps tendon with refelx contraction--relax to overcome-- or stimulation of the radial nerve--relax.

TW-11 --definately aiming for stimulation of the radial nerve---relax.

Bruce, these points all relay on unvarying anatomy--difficult, especially with the nerves, but sometimes even muscles and tendons refuse to follow the book. They rely on access to them (not the many references to clothing and jewelry that can interfere in just normal day to day dress). They are more useful to the accupuncturist, who has a calm, unmoving, appropriately undraped patient, or a demo uke in a similar condition.

An Iwama sandan I know -- with large hands that would literally wrap over one and a half times around my wrist, would take great joy in grabbing my wrist so tightly the hand would turn color and the fingers curl into a tight fist (he comes from a particularly gorrilla like dojo). Again, reflexive contraction due to tendon stretch. My first week in my first dojo, a large firefighter did the same thing to me during tai no henko, as my sensei watched. Sensei really stressed doing techniques with you hand in a certain position, and I hesitated since a curled fist was not it. Sensei barked out the command "Colleen, open your fingers" and I did...the only thing preventing it all the time was my belief that that kind of a grip MADE my hand stay in a fist. Instead of focusing on my stimulated finger flexors, I thought about using my finger extensors-- and my hand opened. I think this may be part of what the Ki Society is getting at in some of their things, but I come by that only via an offshoot, so I could be way off base.

Pressure points are interesting, but don't take everything you read or are told about them as gospel, and I don't rely on them at all. You are in essence not relying on some secret Oriental wisdom, but on the liklihood that uke's anatomy is uniform, and often that he is willing to be controlled either by belief or pain.
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