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Timothy WK
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Re: Baseline skillset

The Missing Basic - the one practice method, a single basic drill that is The Most Ultimately Optimal for developing The Power Formerly Known As Qi...

No I'm not going to tell its name.
OK, but...

...I can say at this stage that if I had to pick the top three all-star practices, of what I've learned so far, it would be these three:

1. Control Tiger
2. Ping Bao Zhuang (flat handed 'combat post' standing practice)
3. Huang Rao Pi (spiral splitting practice)

I choose these not cause I like the names or they make me look cool or anything, but because the energetic effect/harvest of these three is the greatest. In terms of TPFKAQ (The Power Formerly Known As Qi).
I think you can tell something about where is the pearl in the oyster of any art by clocking what the most senior students do in their own individual practice (rather than averaging over a syllabus or looking at the broad mass of average students).

So in that light, here are the results of my staggeringly unscientific survey of the more advanced shixoing types in the ZongXunWuGuan:


70% of their time = basic Hun Yuan Zhuang (combative pose) standing! ... spiced with various subtle shili's directly based on that.

25% of their time = highly combative partner work: push hands, sparring, and related combative stuff

5% of their time = other kinds of "health" zhan zhuang's, walking shili's, mocabu's, fali of all kinds.
I think we can infer what exercise he's talking about.

--Timothy Kleinert
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