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Bruce Baker
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Kyusho end thoughts

Well, I have seen the gamut of opinions as to minor comments becoming issues. Which just goes to prove, the most offended are those subconcious of believing, or .... you wouldn't yell so loud if you were comfortable with being you.

That aside. My end thoughts are in wonderment how we forget the teachings of O'Sensei and jump upon our own personal band wagon?

I have spoken off line to a few sensei's I have met who have some experience with pressure points while practicing Aikido and the best comment was to the effect, "... aikido is an everchanging movement that adapts and harmonizes with movement. Adopting to learn another form within this movement is acceptable to the tenents of Aikido."

I won't go into who said that because the words were good enough to stand on their own for me, and this sensei has helped me with some exercises that have extended my practice by activating ... pressure points for health.

Here is the other quote I wanted to get in, not to step on Jun's ability to use quotes, which I think is great.

From: The Secrets of Aikido by John Stevens
Text under picture of O'Sensei doing (what looks like) modified Yonkyo

"Morihei maintained that "Aiki is Love," and that it is possible to handle aggression with a smile. The supreme challenge of a warrior is to turn an enemy's fearful wrath into harmless laughter."

If we can do that while reading these threads, we just might have a chance at spreading peace and Aikido throughout the world ... just an end thought.
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