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Bruce Baker
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Tree power ...

Just found picture of O'Sensei in The Secrets of Aikido By John Steven.

Text caption reads: Morihei performing an Aikido exercise out to build Kokyu power. Nature is an inexhaustable source of Kokyu, and we must learn how to harness and concentrate that force.

Damien's description was about the closest to what I have found, but I do believe it was fifteen to twenty minutes of meditation/ communion with energy exchange of your energy flowing and the tree energy flowing like two circles becoming one as positive on one side of the circle and negative on the other side join in to energy flowing through your body and the tree as it connects from the ground and sky to form a circle.

The other thing, is that trees living very slowly take awhile to adjust to one's ki/chi lifeforce, so it may take a while to get this friendly tree to exchange energy.
They have cartoons in Estonia? That was really stupid enough to be funny.

I am just trying to figure out what is humor and what is flat out stupidity, but the harmony of Aikido just keeps making me laugh! Thanks.
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