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FS: 2.45 Shinto Higo Iaito


I'm selling my Tozando Shinto Higo Koshirae Iaito.
This is the top iaito in the Tozando lineup and the quality is outstanding.

2.45 shaku
Tsuka: 8.5 sun
POB: 6"
Condition: Mint
Brown silk tsuka ito
(the ito is a nice rich dark brown and not a gold brown color)
refer to actual pictures.
Black same
Silk Kaikuchi sageo
Kasuga tsuba
Hon chaishime saya


High quality pictures of Bugei iaito which looks exactly like what I have but costs almost twice as much. I have a feeling it is the same iaito since they even name their pictures with the same 111 designation as Tozando does. The increased price probably comes from import tax and quality control and such.

I am asking for USD$600 with free CONUS shipping.
I will ship international if the buyer pays for shipping.
This is a good deal and there is no waiting time.
Ships in original packaging with free Tozando sword bag.

Reasonable offers will be considered, so do send them if you are interested. Paypal preferred

It is available new from Tozando for ~$650
(shipping from japan approx $50)
and at Liveblade for $750 + $30 shipping.

Description from Tozando Shop
This Shinto Higo Koshirae model is carefully handcrafted only by the sword craftsman who has at least 15 years of swordmaking experience to create the superb quality sword.

High quality 100 % silk Tsuka cord is securely wrapped over a blackened sharkskin and silk Sageo is woven in the traditional Kaikuchi style. The Tsuka handle is shaped in Ryugo style for easy gripping.

Wide blade, made of zinc/aluminum alloy*, gives the exellent balance and feeling you can only get with the Shinken sword. The blade length is available up to 2.50 Shaku. Approximately 1000 gram without Saya(2.50 Shaku). Saya available in Superb Kuroishime(black matte finish) and Superb Chaishime(brown matte finish). To respect the original Higo Koshirae in the history and tradition, on the back of Kurigata, Ichimonji lacquer is featured.
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