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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Bill Brownlow wrote: View Post
I must object! Having just "graduated" to the Executive division, this attitude just grinds my gears. If I didn't think I had the physicality to compete, I wouldn't have entered the tourney in the first place.

Its not that I mind that there are age divisions per se, but its the way tourneys are usually run: Say if there are not enough belts in the executive 180lb division, that division gets combined with the executive 195lb division. I would rather compete with the 25 yr old 180lb division. IMO the age/physicality advantage of the younger guy is less than the weight advantage of the heavier guy.

Or maybe I'm just in great shape for an old fart.

Most of the guys I know compete in the normal adult and the masters or executive divisions if they are old enough.

- Don
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