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Re: Re: Pointless techniques

Originally posted by Brian Vickery

So what you might consider 'useless' in a fight, can be extremely valuable in teaching fundemental skills and abilities!
Hi Brian,

I like your explanation (seems like good value for two cents. )

Over in the Shodokan corner (Hi Peter!) we have a series of kihon exercises that we practice every time we train. (I gather the Yoshinkan folks do much the same.)

One of the most important of these exercises is actually a series of 7 (sometimes 8) kokyu nages taken from the Nage no Kata (or the Koryu Dai Yon). These kokyu nages probably fit into the "useless" category, in the sense that you'd better not try to use them as self-defense techniques in their own right unless you are seriously good at them. But they're a long, long way from useless in the sense that they teach us all kinds of good stuff about maai, irimi, timing, maintaining centre, etc.. when we practice them.

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