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Re: Baseline skillset

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Good points, Budd. I'll usually prod people a little bit who already claim expertise to see exactly what their motivations are.
Man, Mike, you hit a nerve on that one. I don't think I've ever really come up with a good answer to my motivations. As some older martial artists have said in interviews, to be strong, is aptly answered. But, I think that speaks to a lot of people who study a martial art. Are there other motivations than that?

And working on some of these basic exercises, my mind still screams why am I doing this. Well, after the mind quits trying to do the exercises, it screams that question. During, my mind doesn't have the time or extra neurons to do anything but concentrate on the exercises.

So why? heck, I can continue in Aikido without the internal stuff. But I want to put it into my aikido. It's my opinion it was there from the start. And I don't want to get close to Ueshiba's skill. I don't want to be like Ueshiba or have his skill. I want to be better than Ueshiba. I want to stand on his shoulders and go further. Maybe that is a motivation ...

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Only a few people are really interested in exploring an art to these depths unless they have a reasonable body of their peers doing the same thing. In other words, the herd instinct is one of the main factors at work.
Seems that way.

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The second thing is that there is an IQ threshold to all of this. Not everyone can get it (have the day-to-day insights from smarts and hard work) or would be willing to devote the time and effort.
Heh. I may prove you wrong on the IQ thing. LOL. I've never been the brightest bulb in the house. Just the most stubborn.

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